Fair & Ethical Trading Policy

You-Niform are committed to operating fairly and ethically.

Even though quality, service and price are our top priorities, it is equally important to us that we operate in a just society and never to exploit.

We believe in sustaining and ensuring our fair-trade ethical policies and passing this assurance onto our customers. We only work with suppliers who can commit to our standards and they must guarantee that fabric and labour are sourced responsibly and consider all ethical, economic and environmental issues.

We seek to ensure that we source our stock ensuring that human dignity, safety and respect are upheld within all factories in the UK and across the world.

We ensure that our all our suppliers adhere to the Ethical Trading Policy, which is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and national and international laws.


Children or persons under 16 are not employed at any time, day or night.   Young persons under 18 shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions.   

Must comply will all other child labour laws.


Do not use involuntary labour of any kind including prison labour, debt bondage or forced labour by governments.   

Staff are free to leave their employment after giving reasonable notice.


Staff pay rates are equal to or above the national legal  minimum standards.   Working hours comply with local national standards.


Staff receive Health & Safety information.   Staff have access to toilet facilities and drinking water.   Must comply with all applicable laws & regulations regarding  working conditions.


Employ workers without regard to race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status.   Pay workers’ wages & provide benefits without regard to race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status.


No employee or associated person shall seek a financial or other advantage for the company through bribery.   No employee or associated person shall offer, promise, give, request, agree to receive or accept a bribe for any purpose.   

Bribery and fraud by any you-niform employee or supplier will result in immediate dismissal and/or legal action.