We work with schools to create professional and affordable personalised School Uniforms.

We will work with your organisation to provide an bespoke online school portal where people can order directly from us. We also offer other services such as pop-up shops, bulk orders and showroom visits.

Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible with our 4 step process.

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Ask us how we can make this unique experience adaptable to your organisation.

1- Following a full consultation with the school. Mood boards for uniform designs are created, feedback is provided.

2- Sample garments are created and trialled and amended until the School is happy. A full sizing set can be provided for the School if required.

3- Online Shop via our website is created to meet School requirements and timelines.

4- Launch online shop. Add Uniform link to School website and tell parents. Add additional garments ( leavers hoodies/trip garments ) as required.